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"We played til 2 in the morning. This game brings nothin but fun to a party. A must have for any iPhone user. U can be 10 or 80 years old and still have fun. EVERYBODY can play and love this game!!!".
- B Simms 216
My friends and I love Taboo and having this game on my phone is even better! We can whip it out and play a round at the diner after a meal. No cares, no timer, no fuss... 5 STAR!!.
- pianobry
Fantastic layout and FUN! I especially like that you can choose from categories. This app never crashed on me or have I yet found any difficulties with it.
- Stripesweater

Name : Hot Topic
iTunes Link : Download!
E-mail : Support
   Want the perfect Party Game for you and your friends? If you enjoy games like Taboo, CatchPhrase, Password, or Outburst then you'll love Hot Topic. The makers of Word Party have done it again- a multi-player, multi-team game for the iPhone, or iPod Touch (native iPad coming soon as a free update). Only 1 device is needed to play with all your friends.

Put a party in your pocket with Hot Topic!

Name : Word Party
Official Site : WordPartyGame.com
iTunes Link : Download!
E-mail : Support
   Do you enjoy the game Password, Taboo, or Catch Phrase? Then you will love Word Party, the first multi-player, multi-team party game for your iPhone and iPod Touch! You only need one device to get the party started. Have a ball playing with all of your friends at the same time. This game is great fun for all ages, parties, and even long car rides. Why play Sudoku by yourself, when you can throw a Word Party!

   Get your team to say the secret word and pass it on. Whoever gets their team to guess all the words in the shortest amount of time wins. For example, get your team to say 'Monkey' without using the words 'Banana', 'Ape', 'Primate', or 'Trees'. Two modes change the difficulty to allow for beginner and advanced play.

Name : iFive
Official Site : GingerMonkeySoftware.com
iTunes Link : Download!
E-mail : Support
   Are you uncoordinated and seem to never connect on high fives? Never again with iFive! Wind up and achieve a successful celebration every time. Complete with accelerometer support and realistic high five sound.

   Includes 11 other sounds and gestures to show how great you are! Display approval with a thumbs up, or disdain with a thumbs down. Love your neighbors with a peace sign. Let the horns unleash when you're rocking out... and more!
Name : Word Party Lite
Official Site : WordPartyGame.com
iTunes Link : Download!
E-mail : Support
Word Party Lite is the same game as Word Party, but with a limited set of words and less customization of gameplay. Best of all, it's FREE!

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