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We specialize in creating fun and useful applications targeting the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPhone 3G. As Ginger Monkeys, we respect the important virtues of software development and aim to create good looking, easy-to-use, games and utilities. We listen to (and appreciate) user input and maintain our software with frequent updates. Here you can find information about our applications as well as ways to get in touch with us.

Word Party
Word Party Lite

"We bought this game when we were at the beach a few days ago and have not stopped playing since! My daughter (14 years old) and I play this in the care and at the doctors office, whenever we have a few minutes... tons of fun and great for all ages.".
- Tim Turnip
My friends and I love Taboo and having this game on my phone is even better! We can whip it out and play a round at the diner after a meal. No cares, no timer, no fuss... 5 STAR!!.
- pianobry
Gotta love it, tons of fun and can't wait to get more chances to play it...
- Snookie G

Q:   What exactly is a Ginger Monkey?
A:   There is no actual species of monkey known as the Ginger Monkey. Here is a WikiMedia link to a picture of a baby Ginger Monkey.

Q:   So why Ginger Monkey Software?
A:   Our most awesome project manager slash developer just happens to be of the ginger human variety. In fact he looks a lot like the ginger in the above photo.

Q:   What kind of software do you make?
A:   iPhone games and utilities.

Q:   Will you develop [insert application request] for me?
A:   If the price is right ;)

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